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When She Said She Lived Inside This Building, I Said ‘No Way!’ Then She Sent Me THESE 7 Photos. WOW!


2All the while, these buildings look simple, even plain from the outside – but they are proving popular with people who care more about function rather than form. Could these boring on the outside, incredible on the outside houses start to take over the market? You’ll have to see for yourself!


She Pours Baking Soda All Over Her Mattress..30 Seconds Later? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!


2The average person will do this maybe once or twice a year (or not at all), and you may be shocked to find out how much filth you’re accumulating on an annual basis, and remember, this is where you sleep!

Everytime He Grills Burgers He Puts An Ice Cube On Top Of The Pattie..Now I Am Doing The Same!


2The most impressive one is to put an ice cube atop a hamburger pattie to maintain juiciness. You can put a pat of butter on top of the burger for a juicy burger as well, but an ice cube is a healthier, and cheaper, alternative.

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